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Products - What we believe

Ilos, is a team of passionate IT professionals with the ambition to create web and mobile development frameworks for IT developers willing to enhance their productivity relying on a flexible and solid architecture.
We also build secure and fast web- and mobile apps residing in the cloud. Tested and updated using CI/CD.

We started in 2012 with “Magic Framework“ and now we have “F2“, our brand new framework for mobile application development.
The F2 allows its users to easily create a mobile app by connecting components (list views, forms, charts) to their database objects (tables, stored procedures, views) using a drag and drop editor. This mobile app then allows the final user to connect to the created application.
The created application allows to show list views, forms, geographic maps and different kinds of graphs.

With our “Magic Framework“ we made Prime.
Prime is a unique enterprise management software that easily adapts to the needs of your business, because it is based on our development systems that allow real-time customizations for every need.
The adoption of a complete software for the integrated management of all information and business processes leads to an improvement in efficiency and an increase in profitability for the same effort.




Running applications

Our story of strength

About - What we offer

We are not just a software factory,
we also actively work with customers adapting our frameworks to their business case

Mobile & Web

Application engine

R & D

We constantly update our technologies and deliver our research to the customer

Collaboration on projects

We work with the customers for integration and architectural issues

Clients - Our productivity

We have been successfully migrating our huge HTML4 enterprise web application to HTML5 adopting the Ilos framework and working day by day with their team of IT professionals.

Paolo Vari

CEO Ideare SPA
We have built our internal ERP web tools using Ilos web frameworks. Now we have a cloud solution providing services to our agents and employees all over the world.

Stefano Grigoletti

CTO Biondan SPA
Our developers are using the mobile and web applcation frameworks with great satisfaction in terms of productivity and flexibility of the built solutions.

Alessandro Mostacciuolo

CTO Reca Italia
We have been using Ilos frameworks for about a year and we are very satisfied of the value we are creating for our company in terms of IT productivity and reliability of our software architecture.

Alberto Zavatta

CTO Zeta Group

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Ilos S.r.l.
Vat: 02757930215

Via Orazio 49
39100 Bolzano
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